Hello!  We're Ryan and Kaysie Sussex.  We've been local to the Greenville area for the majority of our childhood and adult lives.  And now, we're raising our three children here as well.  We're excited to take you along as we start our farming adventure!

Both of our families come from farming backgrounds.  Ryan's grandparents farmed hundreds of acres out in North Dakota.  While Kaysie's relatives had a small family farm in the Fox Valley.  After our first two children were born, we dreamed about a place that would challenge us and our children and that would help instill the work ethic our parents taught us.  Late 2015 we decided to check out our farm on a whim.  After we saw it, we fell in love and knew we had to dive in.

That first week we owned the property, in January 2016, we got straight to work and haven't quit since.  There seems to be about a mile long of projects that we would like to accomplish but it's what we thrive on.