Farm Fresh Flowers

Want fresh local flowers to enjoy at home or display for your event? Come out to the farm, located conveniently close to Appleton, just west of the airport in Greenville. We’ll give you a pair of clippers to use and a container to bring your farm fresh flowers home in. We welcome you to peruse and relax in the garden and select whatever best fits your personal style. You are then welcome to make your arrangements on site or bring home to arrange and enjoy!


Public U-Pick

Once our u-pick garden is in bloom (approx late June/early July), we will have scheduled times open to the public as long as our flowers are blooming and then available through the end of September. Tentative times for the 2019 season are Wednesday evenings and Friday and Saturday mornings.


DIY Brides/Events/Groups

Please contact us to schedule a private u-pick to fit around your schedule. For brides, we recommend the morning before your big day to come out and pick the flowers so you have time to arrange.

Our u-pick flowers make great arrangements for showers, birthdays and any other event as well. If our public u-pick times do not work well with your event time, please contact us as well for a better time slot.

If you have a larger group that would like to pick flowers, we are able to accommodate private u-pick times as well.


2019 Pricing

Our pricing is based on container size. You can select whatever is blooming and can fit in your container.

  • Pint size mason jar $8 (jar included)

  • Milk gallon jug $20

  • Bring your own 5 gallon bucket $40

We accept cash and credit cards.